About JM

After a decade of being overweight, JM made a transformation…In only 8 months, he “shed” over 72 lbs (33 kg) of fat weight and returned to an active and energetic life style. He works out regularly and enjoys his power diet.

From pants size 46 to a 32…his stats are impressive. JM slimmed down to a 32 inch waist but put on inches on his chest and shoulders. He literally transformed his body from an apple shape into V.

JM 8 Month Transformation

JM lost 72 lbs in only 8 months!

JM is a firm believer in lasting weight loss and health without struggle, strain or stress. HeĀ is the co-author of obese2ease (o2e) – the 12 Step health & weight loss program that has been specifically designed for no struggle fat weight loss.

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