Cholesterol – What you need to know! Part 2

Part 2

What is scientifically known to increases LDLs – the “Low Density Lipoproteins” that stick like glue to the arterial walls, narrowing and hardening the blood vessels?

These are the “bad guys”! You want to avoid anything that causes them to increase…

Factors that increase LDLs are:

– consumption of fried foods & food products

– consumption of all foods containing hydrogenated and trans fats (in fast foods, snack foods & baked foods)

– over-consumption of saturated fats from commercially raised animals (butter, fatty meats, dairy products etc.)

– a sedentary life style

– smoking

– obesity/being overweight

Just to clarify, the above are the direct causes of Arteriosclerosis – the hardening and narrowing of the arterial blood vessels that increase the risk for cardiovascular disease.

READ Part 3 to find out what can be done to fight the damage LDLs cause and get healthy…

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