From Fat guy to Hot guy in 12 easy Steps!

From Fat guy to Hot guy in 12 easy Steps!

When I browse through “b4” pictures, I am amazed…How could this happen so fast? How could this be so painless? It was actually easy…Who would ever believe that losing over 72 lbs (33 kg) in 8 months could be easy…

I don`t really recognize myself anymore on these “old” pictures.
Mind you, these pictures aren`t actually so old…

Just over a year ago, I was at a wobbly 240+ pounds (110+ kg) at a height of 5.83 feet (1.78 cm). My pants size was 46 and the pants were getting tighter. My Body Mass Index (BMI) – as I found out later – indicated that I was at Obesity Level II. And I was even gaining!

I felt sluggish and lethargic most of the time. And there was this mysterious new pain at the bottom of my spine, in my tail bone. It came from nowhere and did not leave me anymore…I also had apnea attacks almost regularly.

Apparently, I was also quite moody, although I was not really aware of it but my mood swings must have been a burden on his friends and loved ones. I had a big fight with on of my oldest friends and my relationship with my girlfriend was “strained”.

Now, I know that I was just not happy with what had happened to my body and health. And as my physical health was in trouble, so was my mental health…

I have never been able to copy with stress well. Large amounts of stress always took a toll on my health. Whenever I was under stress, I gained weight and my health got worse. But this time I had been gaining for quite some time and there seemed no end to it. And it didn’t look as if I was ever able to get rid of it again!

The Obesity Process

Now, I know that I was right in something that experts refer to as the Obesity Process. The obesity process describes the process of gaining weight, continuously over the years. I had gained weight regularly since my late teenage years? And I was at my highest weight ever? What about you? Have you also been gaining?
And then there was this moment, when I was out with my little 4 year old nephew. I love this little guy. He was outside, running around and all over the place. He really wanted to play with me and I really wanted to play with him, but I couldn’t. I was just too heavy to move around…my back hurt, my knees hurt…I thought my knee cap popped out, when I tried to kneel down…being like that and not being able to play with my little nephew was a real pain.

Something changed, I couldn’t stand being like this anymore…I just needed to be different. I needed to get well and healthy again. I had been downplaying to myself how serious I was out of shape and how much my health was at risk. In a way, I had been lying to myself…But now it was enough!


One of my close friends is a training & nutrition expert, who has spent more than 25 years gaining experience and knowledge on health, fitness, fat loss, exercise & nutrition. Thomas is a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor, has an American Council on Exercise and a FIT Personal Trainer qualification.

Thomas had written a book on fat loss and showed me the manuscript. Needless to say, this time I was very interested in what the book had to say and started reading it right away, but half through the book, I was disappointed…let me tell you why.

The book was written for people who has been working out for a while but have still some fat to lose to get the six-pack look. It was written for people who are already in pretty good shape but needed to apply effective exercise and dietary strategies to drop their body fat further. Now, this was definitely me! Really, I could not relate to much of the contents and was at a loss what to do.

I was sedentary and overweight (actually I was classified as obesity level 2).
I needed a program specifically designed for people like me. He needed advice on what to do step by step, starting from a basic level.

And I needed something that was easy-to-follow and easy-to-apply. Of course, I had been trying to lose weight before and failed each time. The diet and weight loss programs out there got me overwhelmed with too much exercise and diet related information. There were just so many things to change and do that I could not keep up and got totally stressed out trying. So I had to give up.

You see, I was already under stress, now, trying to get on a weight loss program that totally turned my world upside down, did not do me any good. It added stress to stress and burnt me out in no time. The little weight I lost, I usually gained back within only a few weeks, and then some more. Have you had the same experience?

I really needed instructions that were doable and easy to apply. I needed something that would help him develop new habits. Habits that serve him. Habits that provide a long term solution to health and weight problems.

Thomas reduced and simplified the things that I needed to do, so that they were very easy and sure to become my good new habits. Thomas gave me 2 new things to do and I started doing them right away. Then after a couple of weeks, he gave me another 2 new things to implement in my daily life.


Today, I am 77 pounds (35 kg) lighter. I have regained my health and restored my physical and mental fitness.

Now, my waist circumference is 33 inch (82.5 cm), my chest is 44 inch (110 cm) and my shoulders are 45.6 inch (114 cm). I went from apple shape to V shape in less than just 1 year! I can jog for 30 minutes easily, do 50 pushups, and even benchpress my own bodyweight. (And I`m not telling you this to show off. I only want to share with you the fact that it is possible to do all this in less than a year, if you are on the right program.)

But best of all, I can copy with stress much better. I feel fresh and energetic. I feel light on my feet and can move at ease. Now, I am really looking forward to playing with my little nephew. This time will be different, because this time I am different. This time it will be all fun…


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