From Fat Guy to Hot Guy!

From Fat Guy to Hot Guy in 12 eazy Steps!

When JM looks in the mirror, he is pleased to say the least. But when he browses through “b4” pictures, he is amazed!
JM just does not recognize himself anymore on these “old” pictures.
Mind you, these pictures aren`t actually so old…

Just over a year ago, JM was at a wobbly 240+ pounds (110+ kg) at a height of 5.83 feet (1.78 cm). He wore pants size 48. His Body Mass Index (BMI) indicated that he was at Obesity Level II and he was gaining.

He felt sluggish and lethargic most of the time, suffered from some uncanny pain in his tail bone at the lower back and experienced apnea (involuntary stopping of breathing while sleeping) frequently.

His mood swings were a burden on his friends and loved ones. He even fell out with one of his oldest friends and his relationship with his girlfriend was strained. 
He was just not happy with what happened to his body and health.


Stress always took a toll on his health. Whenever JM was under stress, he gained weight. But this time, he gained and gained. He gained so much, that the prospects of getting rid of the weight were getting slimmer and slimmer. He was on the Obesity Process.

It was not until a moment when he was attempting to play with his nephew that something changed. JM`s little nephew was 4 years old at that time. And JM loves his nephew very much. Just over a year ago, JM was trying to play with his Nephew but he really could not…

He was just too heavy to move around freely and easily. His back hurt, his knee caps felt as if they were popping out every time he tried to kneel down to catch the little boy… JM was in pain, he was largely overweight, out of shape and his health was at risk.

He had been turning a blind eye to it. But now there was no way he could ignore it anymore. He really wanted to enjoy the afternoon with his beloved nephew but because of his physical condition, he could not. It was enough!

One of JM`s close friends is a training & nutrition expert, who has spent more than 25 years gaining experience and knowledge on health, fitness, fat loss, exercise & nutrition.
Thomas is a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor, a Kettlebell Instructor, has an American Council on Health and a FIT Personal Trainer qualification.



Thomas had written a book on fat loss and showed the manuscript to JM. Needless to say, JM was very interested in what the book had to say and started reading it right away. But half through the book, JM was disappointed.

The book was written with individuals who have been working out for quite a while but have not achieved the elusive “6 pack look” yet. It was written for people who already workout regularly but need to apply effective exercise and dietary strategies to drop their bodyfat further. This was not for JM. He could not relate to any of this and was at a loss as to know what to do.

JM was sedentary and overweight. He needed a program specifically designed for people like him. He needed advice on what to do step by step. He was easily overwhelmed with too much exercise and diet related information. This was all rocket science to him. He needed clear instructions.

Moreover, he needed instructions that were doable and easy to apply. He needed something that would help him develop new habits. Habits that serve him. Habits that provide a long term solution to health and weight problems.

And this was when he just asked Thomas what needed to be done. Thomas gave him two easy things to do. JM put those into practice right away. 2 weeks later, he asked for more and Thomas gave him another 2 easy to apply things to do.

Today, JM is 77 pounds (35 kg) lighter. He has regained his health. He has restored his physical and mental fitness.

Now, his waist circumference is 33 inch (82.5 cm), his chest is 44 inch (110 cm) and his shoulders are 45.6 inch (114 cm). He went from apple shape to V shape in just about 1 year! JM can jog for 30 minutes easily. He can do 50 pushups, and even presses his bodyweight on the bench.

These days, JM gets a lot of looks from women. He still has to get used to that. He still is not totally aware that he regained his attractiveness. But he is beginning to realize that he has turned from fat guy to hot guy in just over a year.

But best of all, JM feels fresh and energetic. He feels light on his feet and can move at ease. JM is looking forward to playing with his nephew soon. This time it will be different. This time it will be all fun…

This is how JM went From “Fat guy to Hot guy”:
The program he used is called from Obese to Ease (O2E). from Obese to Ease (O2E) is a total health, fitness and weight loss program that consists of 12 Steps. Each step contains dietary and exercise strategies to improve health, lose weight and rebuild fitness.

O2E has been specifically designed for sedentary and overweight people in order to address their particular needs and concerns.
You can find out more about from Obese to Ease here:


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