Obesity Pains & Solutions – Part 1

The majority of people with BMIs 30+ suffer from their being obese. Their pains are physical, mental and emotional.

The physical pains are obvious, they include the full range of medically proven reasons for coronary artery disease (CAD) such as high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, high fasting glucose levels as well as joint and bone pain, breathlessness, chronic exhaustion and many others.

The mental ailments may include difficulties to concentrate and think clearly, deteriorating memory, lethargy, listlessness and many more.

The emotional pains can include depression, anxiety, guilt, self-victimization, feelings of worthlessness etc.

JM trying too hard...

JM pushing too hard

Looking for Solutions

The greatest number of obese people is not happy with their being obese and is desperately looking for solutions…

But many look for solutions along the wrong way. The belief that they were born to be, or meant to be obese is predominant among the obese population. People think that it is simply down to their genetics that causes them to gain more and more weight, when it could not be further from the truth.

Nature has not intended human beings to put on so much fat that they are completely immobilized. Sure, fat-storing is a natural function of our bodies, but so is fat-burning…

Educated Knowledge on Dietary Intake is in Need

I am going to put my foot out and say that excessive weight gain and obesity in adults is more often caused by ignorance and misunderstanding of food/drink and physical activity as well as wrong dietary and lifestyle habits than anything else.

People simply do not understand the cause and effect connection between food/drink intake, physical activity and body composition (ratio of bone, muscle and adipose – fat tissue).

People who have difficulties in controlling their weight (and health), most often, do not understand what kinds of foods, what kinds of drinks program their body to store fat.

Certain foods/drinks – and this is not a small number – in fact, several food and drink categories, or better called, food and drink product categories will stop the use of fat for energy and promote further fat-storing.

Now, how many overweight people know what these food/drink product categories are? And who knows the alternatives? Who knows of the foods and drinks that promote fat loss and better health?

Weight and health control is one of the areas where ignorance is not bliss. In fact, when it comes to food and drink intake for fat loss, health and fitness, ignorance – that is – the opposite of knowledge applied, can get us into real trouble.

To be continued…

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