Obesity Pains & Solutions – Part 2

Made for Moving

Also, the majority of sedentary people do not seem to comprehend that our wonderful body is meant to move. We are physically designed to be active. We live in a highly adaptive organism (our body) that is constantly striving to change and accommodate for physical stress we place upon it.

For instance, if you lift a moderately heavy dumbbell 5 times every day for a couple of days, your muscle tissue, connective tissue and nerve system will have grown in strength after only a few days and the dumbbell will not feel “moderately heavy” (over the 5 repetitions) anymore. It will feel much lighter.

This is because the body has adapted to the new stress (lifting the dumbbell 5 times every day) in a very short time by strengthening the muscle fibers, the connective tissue (tendons and bones) and the nerves that control the movement pattern.

The same is true for any physical activity that is performed at a moderate level of intensity regularly. Physical activity does not mean only exercise. Physical activity comprises exercise as well as any other bodily movement. Your body will adapt and the activity will become easier, as your body is better prepared for the particular activity, because of the changes – improvements that occurred within the body.

Obesity Causes Summarized

To summarize, obesity is less likely to be caused by unfavorable genetics and sheer “bad” luck, but much rather a direct result of the misunderstandings and lack of knowledge of food/drink intake (for health, fitness, weight control, sustained energy, well-being etc.) and the necessity of daily physical activity, which includes exercise.

The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) of the United States is the largest database for individuals who have lost and successfully maintained weight loss.

Eligibility for registering requires a minimum weight loss of 30 lbs (13.6 kg) maintained for a period not less than 1 year.

The NWCR has over 4000 members, who lost on average 66 lbs (29.9 kg) and maintained the weigh loss for average of 5.5 years.

In order to lose weight and keep it off

98% of the members reported that they used dietary modifications

94% indicate that they used increased physical activity

And 89% stated that they achieved permanent weight loss success through exercise and diet.

The Real Obesity Solution

As we have gained a true understanding of the causes of obesity, we can now go about (constructing, designing, manufacturing, coming up with) a real, working solution. Not a quick fix, that will just result in a painful backlash but an effective, long term solution that fixes the problem for us (adults), our children and generations to come.

Since wrong knowledge or the lack of knowledge on how to eat, drink and exercise for a healthy body composition (BMI in the normal ranges, Body Fat percentages in the normal ranges) is the problem, education on the truth about fat loss and weight control is a must.

Because, long established dietary and lifestyle habits are the culprits of constant weight gain up to levels of obese categories, an action plan that implements new, healthy diet and exercise habits and replaces self-sabotaging and health hazardous ones is indispensable.

At the moment obese2ease is the only program on the market that offers a real working and lasting solution to obesity in adults and children. This 12 step health and weight loss program can help people win the war against obesity worldwide.

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