Easy Body Upgrade (ebook)

If only…

…I had known the truth about diet & exercise for a lean & muscular physique 25 years ago!

25 years ago, I was skinny but fat teenager…I looked terrible and would have done anything to get my hands on what I know now.

I had to become 40+ to be lean, muscular and drop my body fat percentage to 6-8% and sometimes lower, and this WITHOUT EVEN TRYING.

If only, I had known all this information on

…how to program my body to burn fat rather than store fat…

…how to combine macro-nutrients and in which quantities to keep burning fat but fuel muscles…

…how to ensure a smart supply of macro- and micro-nutrients for cell-repair, cell-building, mental alertness and sustained energy…

…what foods and drinks to reduce or eliminate, because they are harmful to my health and get me fat…

…and what food groups to focus on and make them the staple of my daily diet, because the more I eat of them, the leaner and stronger I get..

If only I had known…

…but enough of that. I have no reason to whine…on the contrary, I am really happy…

I am really happy, because I can share this information with YOU!

Now let me ask you a few questions:

Are you working out? Are you watching your food intake? But you are still finding it difficult to get the results you want?

Do you find it hard to get rid of stubborn fat around your belly, the love handle area, the buttocks and the upper thighs?

Are you getting frustrated? Are you beginning to believe that a slim and lean physique will be for ever elusive for you?

If this sounds familiar to you and similar questions have crossed your mind, you have come to the right place – EBU is your solution to permanent fat loss and a lean body.

There are a lot of people all over, who work-out regularly but have not seen much improvements at all. They follow easy to moderate and even high intensity workout routines but just do not change much. This can be very frustrating. They put in all the effort, all the hard work but get very little in return.

If you are reading this, you may be one of them. I know how you feel, because I have been there too. I have been through periods of regular extensive training sessions with no results. It felt like as if my efforts were a total waste of time. Sometimes, I thought I was not training enough, then I thought I was overtraining. At other times, I thought I was not training in the right way…So I changed and altered my training approach. I trained more, I trained less, I trained differently… well, there still was not much change…

Interestingly, I saw the same problem with people all around me, in the gyms, in the parks, on the running track. Heck, I even knew of pretty strong amateur tri-athletes, who put in lots of milage and training hours every week, but who looked pretty out of shape when they took off their shirts. I trained with people who did everything according to what is written in the popular bodybuilding and fitness magazines. They lifted, they pushed, they pulled weights set after set, but apart from thicker arms or a bulkier chest, they had little to show for it.

Why is it that people work out hard day in and day out, but do not get results?

NOW, I can give you the definite answer to this:

This is because losing fat and getting lean for good is all about eating right!

DIET vs. EXERCISE accounts for 3/4 of the success in permanent fat loss. The focus on exercise routines to lose weight and fat fast is overrated. And this is no surprise, if you really think about it…

You can only workout for so long during a 24 hour period…You can exercise for an hour or two, may be even longer and this is all great, definitely very good for your health and well-being as we are made to move. But working out is merely a trigger – a stimulating demand you place on the body to trigger an adaptive response. Sure it is very important to exercise regularly, but if you do not supply for the demand you created, you are missing out BIG TIME.

What do I mean by supplying the biological demand?I mean that you have to provide your body with the macro- and micronutrients it needs to repair and build muscle tissue, burn fat for energy, provide for all bodily functions etc.

If you are not doing that, you are missing out on the great benefit of exercise and you are not giving your body what it craves for because of the wear and tear of ordinary daily living.

Just remember that:

You can only exercise for so long every day, but you can program your body for use of fat for energy at every time you put food or drink in your mouth.

Personally, I use a wide variety of exercises and training approaches. I may swim on one day, walk or run on another. I may do bodyweight exercise circuit training, Kettlebell training and bodybuilding style weight training. I may apply low rep strength focused weight training or high rep muscle endurance focused resistance training. I like Kickboxing Training as well as stretching and all kinds of sports. Each single training approach is good enough to keep me in lean shape, but only if…

…I apply my knowledge on food & drink intake for health and fat loss. Eating right and being physically active is what keeps my body fat % low and and muscle tissue active.

Of course, there are training approaches which are more suitable for the formerly sedentary and overweight individual. My O2E TransTech program is perfect for the sedentary and overweight population, as it includes diet AND exercise strategies, specifically engineered for them. There are also training routines which promote a more muscular and ripped look for people who do not need to lose an excessive amount of weight and body fat. Feel free to contact me for Exercise Routines on thomas at easyfatloss4all dot com.

BUT the truth is that once you have figured out what, how and when to eat for fat loss and muscle tissue maintenance, almost any kind of physical activity will get AND keep you in top shap

Fast results!

Now, when implementing the cutting-edge information in EBU, all your training efforts will all of a sudden pay off. Without much effort or any much change in your training approach (although almost everyone can improve the way they exercise at least a little…), you will see astonishing results in only a few weeks.

EasyBodyUpgrade Comparaison

(There is just a few weeks between these 2 shots. My training approach was pretty much the same, but the effects of eating right for fat loss and energy are obvious.)

This is because you will have reduced or eliminated the foods and drinks that hinder your progress. And you will have started making a point of supplying the unique biological demand of your body. You will have been fueling your muscle tissue and re-programmed your body to burn fat. You see, that is all that it takes…

So, if you work out and don`t change or even worse, still gain fat, my fat loss diet course is the solution for you. It will show you all you need to know how to turn things round in no time. You will turn body fat gain into body fat loss and see improvements every week.

Let`s say that you are someone, whose body weight fluctuates quite a bit, that is to say, you gain and lose weight (but, in fact, actually gain body fat each time the weight goes up again).

The hands on, cutting-edge information on diet and nutrition in Easy Body Upgrade will make sure that you lose weight continuously until you are at or very close to your ideal body weight.

Growing older with Style

A lot of people slowly but surely gain weight as they get older and probably think that this is supposed to be this way…when it is not. There is no reason whether physiologically or mentally to put on pounds of fat as we get older! Sure after age 30 or 35, we lose about half a pound of muscle every year, if we are not physically active.

Gaining weight as we gain years is largely due to a loss of muscle tissue and a resulting gain in body fat, because of inactivity (lack of exercise) and consuming the wrong foods & drinks. Frequently, a less active life style as we age (whoever sold us on moving less as we grow older?!) plus the consumption of the wrong foods and drinks, causes an accelerated fat gain. In which case, the gain in body fat can outweigh the muscle weight loss.

Some people refer to this as the obesity process…you may not be obese now, you may not even be grossly overweight now, but you are on your way, as you lose muscle tissue and put on fat tissue year by year…

EBU, my fat loss diet & nutrition course is the most effective tool in showing you where you go wrong in your diet, what you need to avoid and what you need to focus on, so that you can lose fat and stay lean and strong as you grow older.

GET EBU NOW at our Super Discount OFFER

If you have been gaining weight for a while or just recently, then you have been doing the wrong thing, whether you are aware of it or not.

The great power of EBU is that you can reverse that fat gaining process instantly, that is, the next time you eat or drink something, you can program your body to BURN FAT instead of PUTTING ON NEW FAT CELLS.

And each time after the next time you put food or drink in your mouth, if you base your food or drink choice on the information contained in EBU, I GUARANTEE you that you will command your body to use fat for energy rather than store toxins in new fat cells.

For sedentary and overweight people as well as people, who are exercising regularly, Easy Body Upgrade offers the solution – Learn how to make the right dietary choices that not only improve your health and fitness but also make you lose fat effectively and permanently.

Also, obese folks, who cannot exercise, but have to lose weight fast to ward off imminent health complications, the immediate implementation of the dietary action plans in Easy Body Upgrade are highly suggested.

I would also recommend my fat loss diet course to anyone who would like to:

  • get healthier and stop loading their body system with so-called foods that are filled with chemicals
  • re-gain control of their weight, health and body composition
  • finally make sense out of the massive amount of information on health, diet and nutrition
  • shape up and stay in shape the natural way, without gimmicks or magic pills but good old traditional foods and a smart choice of dietary supplements

By the way, Easy Body Upgrade is NOT another weight loss diet!

Their are hundreds of diets out there. There is the Dr. Soandso Diet this and Dr. Soandso Diet that. Then their is the fancy beach name diet, the low carb diet, the low fat diet, and also the low blah, blah, blah diet. All of these diets have something in common: they want to sell you on their diet. They want you to buy in believing that their diet is the one…and only…that solves all your weight and body fat problems.

You follow any of these fad diets, get some ok results for a while, but as you don`t really know what you are doing and why you are doing what you are doing, you do not really learn anything, you have not become smarter, you have not been empowered. And the minute you plateau and drop it, you rebound and end up gaining the weight back and some more. You learned nothing but are heavier than before…

Easy Body Upgrade is NOT ANOTHER DIET!
As the subtitle of EBU suggests, this is a TOTAL FAT LOSS DIET & NUTRITION COURSE. EBU will expose you to education, that is, cutting-edge knowledge on what gets us fat and sick, up-to-date insights on what makes AND keeps us LEAN.

EBU is packed with hands on, effective information on how to regain your health and stay healthy throughout your entire life! But much more than that. EBU features Dietary Action Plans at every of the 9 Levels, which make sure that you APPLY THE KNOWLEDGE AND REAP THE BENEFITS.

You see, knowledge without application is just that…But Knowledge applied is Power!

Don`t waste your precious time looking for another fad diet, which may give you some mediocre results… do yourself a favor, take advantage of the special offer price and get EBU and start getting results NOW!

Have a look at the below images:fat loss, before, after, lean, ripped, muscular, obese, weight  loss, abs, chiseled
There is 6 years between these two pictures.
The picture to the right was taken in 2009, at age 41.Diet (NOT Dieting!) is the Key!
Knowing what to eat & drink, when and how much will take you to your fat loss goals!

Save yourself time – save yourself years of trial and error!

I have made the mistakes already for you. I have wasted my time already for you. No need to repeat my mistakes to get where I am now. YOU can be where I am now in NO TIME with the help of EBU.

EBU contains my knowledge and experience on food/drink intake for getting lean and staying lean throughout as you grow older. I am 42 years old now and leaner than I ever…

If I had bought into the statistics and what the doctors tell us, I would now be fatter than ever…

…No, the statistics and what “they” tell us is not true. You do not need to gain weight as you grow older. You do not need to lose your shape, as you age. Your health has no reason to deteriorate, just because you are putting on years. This is all nonsense.

YOU can be healthy and lean, now. And you can stay in top shape, fit and strong as you gain years. You just need to know how. You need to know what damages your health and what gets you fat. You need to know what rejuvenates your cells, what strengthens your health immune system and what makes you lose fat and what keeps the fat off your frame.

Either you know all this, or you don`t. Everything in between is guessing…

Get EBU – complete all 9 Levels – and you will know!

Either you apply the knowledge or you don`t.

The former will bring you the desired results so fast, you will marvel…the latter would be just a shame.

The choice is yours.

Get your copy of Easy Body Upgrade at our special discount price, now.

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