Walking to Washboard Abs

A couple of years ago I conducted yet another one of my little experiments. I set out to see how effective walking workouts are in terms of fat loss.

Now, I was already pretty lean at that time. I guess, I must have been around 12% body fat but the “ripped” or “cut” look still eluded me.

My dietary approach was pretty good but not as good as my fat loss diet course in EBU (www.easybodyupgrade.com) and O2E (www.obese2ease.com).

For many years, I have used and tried out lots of different diet & exercise approaches. I’ve never taken someone`s word for it but always made a point of trying out certain exercises and diet plans for myself. This allowed me to accumulate heaps of useful hands-on data.

So, here I was, putting early morning walking workouts on an empty stomach to the test. I walked on a daily basis. Every morning, after a cup of black coffee or tea and on an otherwise empty stomach, I went for a 45 minute walk around my neighborhood. It was pretty early, so the city was still sleeping and there was hardly any traffic in this part of town.

While I did not walk slowly for sure (I am naturally quite a fast walker…), I did not especially push the speed during these morning walking sessions either. I just walked at a steady, relatively fast pace, trying to be disturbed as little as possible by the few traffic lights that were on my route.

After only 5 of 6 workouts, the fat loss I experienced around my midsection was quite astonishing. The external oblique, which are abdominal muscles to both sides of your trunk, became pretty visible after only a week`s training.

External Obliques

As I mentioned before I was already quite lean at that time, but the direct effect of daily walking workouts on an empty stomach were astounding, nevertheless. I must have dropped 1 or 2% body fat in a week.

Walking (or even hiking) is often ridiculed by “real” athletes and sports people. Unnecessarily, in my opinion. I am a big fan of walking (and hiking) and go for longer walks whenever I can.

Below is an excerpt of the “O2E” Audio Class Step 2, which explains a little about the muscles and joints involved when walking:

“Walking is fundamental to our physical, mental and emotional well-being. To walk is a very basic movement of man. The walking movement recruits the strongest joints and the strongest and largest muscles of the human skeleton as the prime movers.

The hip joint and the surrounding muscles of the hip, the gluteus maximus, often called the glutes, which are the muscles of the backside, the hamstring muscles on the back of the upper leg, the quadriceps, the muscles on the front of the upper leg and the muscles of the lower leg all work together when taking a step and moving forward.

The secondary movers are the muscles of the back along the spine and around the shoulder joints. As the arms move rhythmically to the movement of the legs and the muscles of the shoulders and neck as well as all the small muscles along the spine receive a gentle workout.”

Walking workouts make perfect sense at every level of fitness. And, as I found out in my little experiment, walking workouts done on an empty stomach in connection with a smart dietary approach promote definite fat loss.

They can be done at almost every weather and almost everywhere. Everyone can adjust the pace to their individual needs. Everyone can start at a length they can easily handle and increase gradually as they get healthier, fitter and lighter.