The Basics

An Exercise program for health & fat loss must include:

Cardiorespiratory (aerobic) training such as walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, rowing, hiking etc., any activity that raises the heart rate 40 to 80 % (depending on your current fitness level) of your maximum heart rate.

Cardiorespiratory training not only burns calories but also strengthens you heart, lungs and blood transportation system. It has lots of other health benefits. For instance, regular aerobic workouts increase the high density lipoproteins (HDL) in your blood. The HDL is the “good” cholesterol, which cleans the blood of the “bad” cholesterol.

Resistance (anaerobic) training such as weight training, bodyweight exercises, tube & rubberband training. Weight training and other resistance training builds (strengthens and enlarges) muscle fibers, connective tissue (fascia, tendons, ligaments) and bones.

Flexibility training. Dynamic Stretching before exercise as part of the warm up and Static Stretching post exercise as part of the cool down are excellent ways to incorporate flexibility training and maintain or improve full range of motion.

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